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Monthly cashback rate recalculation

Cashback rate monthly recalculation

About Cashbackcloud Points and VIP Statuses

If you’re already a Cashbackcloud user you might have seen that your cashback rate was changed on the first day of every month. This is because we recalculate your VIP status (level) every month by counting the Cashbackcloud Points you earned monthly on every accounts. For every 1$ referral commission we receive after your accounts you get 50 Cashbackcloud Points.  If you reach 10,000,000 Points you will join the exclusive Cloud Club which means awesome rewards for you.

Why and how do we change your cashback rate every month?

Basically, with the monthy VIP level recaltulation we’d like to achieve two goals.

  • Encourage our clients to trade more and more and generate more cashback for themeselves
  • Reward those who trade with higher volumes and generate a lot of revenue

The recalculation is pretty simple. We count all the Cashbackcloud Points you made in a month on all accounts and we set your level based on the following table.

VIP StatusCashback rateHow many points you need?
  Bronze50%0 CBC Points
  Silver59%500 CBC Points
  Gold67%2,500 CBC Points
  Platinum74% 7,500 CBC Points
  Diamond80%25,000 CBC Points
  Master85%100,000 CBC Points

If you reach a higher level, you cannot lose it for the current and the next month. However, if you don’t reach your level requirements in Cashbackcloud Points you can drop your VIP status the next month.

Cashback rate calculation example

Let’s say you just started receiving cashback from us on 15 January. In the first month (until 31 January) you received $100 cashback and around 9,000 Cashbackcloud Points. That means you achieved Platinum VIP status and 74% cashback rate. Let’s say you hit Platinum level on 27 January. That means that you’ll have Platinum level for January and February too.

Let’s say you only generate 3,000 Points in February. Your status is Platinum in February but after the recalculation on 1 March your status will drop to Gold.

When does the recalculation happen?

Cashback data is usually uploaded after a few working days because at a lot of providers we need to wait for the data before we can process it. We need all the data to be able to recalculate your VIP status so the recalculation usually happen within the first 5 working days of the month. Every user receives an email and a notification about the monthly recalculation.

Earn more Points!

As we mentioned we adjust your VIP status every month, but you only drop your status if you don’t earn enough Cashbackcloud Points. If you earn enough CBC points to keep the same level nothing will change. But it’s always a good idea to earn more points. There’s two way you can increase your your cashback rate and your Points.

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