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Cloud Club membership

Cashbackcloud Cloud Club

Cloud Club is an elite membership program for our users. If you reach 10,000,000 Cashbackcloud point you will automatically join this group and you can get awesome rewards from us.

Master level for life

crownYour VIP status will be fixed at Master level so you will have 85% cashback rate forever. You will be a Cashback Cloud member forever therefore you cannot lose your status any more.


Luxury trip to the Bahamas

beachWe give you a $3,000 worth luxury travel to the Bahamas! You’ll get a chance to visit one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It means that we will book your flight, and the hotel room so you don’t need to do anything just enjoy the trip.


Custom made suit

suitWe give you a custom made suit. You will choose the suit style and they take your size then we buy it, make it and ship it for you. Whoever makes this level deserves to look like a serious trader.


All in all, let’s add more accounts, trade more and more and check your Cashbackcloud points to see how much you still need to become a Cloud Club member. Also, you should check your cashback rate because the higher rate you get the easier to achieve the Cloud Club membership.

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