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Deal types at Cashbackcloud

Cashback deal types at Cashbackcloud

At Cashbackcloud we work with a lot of different brokers and other service providers from all over the world. Of course, not all affiliate deal is the same. Currently, we have 3 different main types of cashback: trading volume based, CPA, and loss protection.  In this article we’ll write about all of the main deal types in details.

Trading volume based cashback

Basically in this type, you’ll receive cashback based on your trading volume. Based on this, you’ll generate commission to your provider (broker, poker room, etc.). Because you’re under the Cashbackcloud referral network, we’ll receive a portion of this commission and share the majority of it with you. That’s how you earn money consistently, when you generate commission to your provider.

Example #1: You traded 20 lots on the forex market in EUR/USD at your broker. You paid $100 in spreads and commissions for these trades. Cashbackcloud receives $50 of this commission. Based on your status level you’ll receive $25-42.5 as cashback to your Cashbackcloud account.

Example #2: You played 1,000 hands in poker today and paid $100 in rake. (commission) Cashbackcloud receives $50 from this rake and based on your status level you’ll receive $25-42.5 as cashback to your Cashbackcloud account.


CPA cashback

CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition, which means that your provider will pay us a one time payment for referring you to their service. It’s not constant cashback like the trading volume based ones. You can only get these deals once for an account and they’re usually for only new accounts.

Example #1: You register to a broker / poker room / service provider via our referral link and fulfill all the requirements for the CPA deal. (such as depositing at least $10, trading at least 5 times, etc.) Then your broker verifies your CPA deal to us and Cashbackcloud is paid $100. We share the majority of this amount with you (for example $75), that’s how you make cashback with only a registration!


Loss Protection

Loss protection is when you make money when you lose money. This is a deal when your broker pays a portion of its revenues to us. However, in certain types of deals (for example in sports betting or binary options) your broker can only profit if you lose. That’s why you can only make cashback when you lose.

Example #1: You bet $100 on a binary options deal and you lost. That time your broker profited $100. Because you’re under our referral network Cashbackcloud receives $50 of this money. Then, based on your status level you’ll receive $25-42.5 as cashback to your Cashbackcloud account.


Combined deals

There are several cases when the deals can be combined. Of course, when this is the case, it is always shown on the broker’s page in the ‘Notes’ section. Usually, brokers like to combine loss protection and trading volume deals.

Example #1: At a broker we have a deal that the broker will pay Cashbackcloud 3% of the trading volume OR 50% of their revenue. For example, you traded $1000 and lost all of it. Then we’d receive $500. On the contrary, if you traded $1000 and won an additional $500 to it, Cashbackcloud will only receive $30.


All examples here are only for informational purposes and cannot be considered as offers.

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