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Receive cashback on an existing account

Receive cashback on an existing account at Cashbackcloud

To be able to receive cashback through us, you have to have at least one account under our affiliate network. It can happen two ways. The most simple way is to register a broker account via our referral/affiliate link through our website and create your account under our affiliate network right away. However, if you have an existing account, you may not have the chance or you don’t to create a new account. This is when the second solution kicks in: putting existing accounts under Cashbackcloud’s affiliate network. This process is quite easy if you know how to do that.

Can I add an existing account?

Yes, you can. But because of the different policies and contacts with the brokers you cannot do it with all brokers / poker rooms. The first thing you have to do is find your broker on Cashbackcloud, and navigate to their page. Under their account types, you must find something like this in Picture 1 (scroll down for the pictures), with different numbers. Clicking on “Get rebates – Existing Accounts”, in the red circle will scroll down the site for you to the part where you’ll see whether you can get cashback on an existing account with that same broker or you have to create a new account.

Cashback on an existing account

If it’s possible…

To put an existing account under our referral network, you need to contact your broker and explicitly ask them to put your account under the Cashbackcloud referral network.

We know that could be time consuming, that’s why we’d like to help. With our email-composer, with a few clicks you can send an email to your broker. With composing an email, you ask your broker to put your account under our affiliate network. You just have to add your account types to the email. You can edit the pre-written letter if you want to, but it’s not necessary, as it contains everything you need.

Putting your account under our affiliate network might take more than a few days, so don’t panic if things don’t happen instantly. It’s totally up to your broker how fast their support process deals with these kind of requests. After they did the change, please get back to us and let us know too, so that we can verify your account immediately.

There are some cases when your account can’t be put under us – for instance if your account is already registered to another affiliate program. Try to reach us via email, and we might be able to do something. It’s not up to us, as there are other parties involved, but we can try.

If it’s not possible…

Then the best you can do is to create a new account at the same broker via our affiliate link on our website. Or, you can check other brokers too, maybe you’ll get interested in their cashback offers.

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