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Broker rating by Cashbackcloud

In this article below, you will be introduced to Cashbackcloud’s thoroughly created broker rating list.

As a result of working together with them, and sometimes depending on their payments, we can give you quality insights if you still did not make your mind up about the broker you’d like to go with in the future.

Disclaimer: We do not take any responsibility for this broker rating.

1 star broker rating

Brokers who get only 1 star from us are usually not well known. We can not recommend opening an account with them as we have no previous experience with them and we were not able to find relaible information about them. Considering other brokers, these 1-star companies can be better but most of the time either their withdrawal process or trading conditions are lacking. All in all, take extra consideration when choosing such broker.

2 star broker rating

We have some minor experience with them, possible because some of our traders chose them. Sadly though, it can not serve as an insurance. But we already knew that they carry out their withdrawals. However, due to the lack of long-term partnership, we are still not sure about their processes. In other cases, it’s possible that the broker’s deals are below average, all in all, treat with caution.

3 star broker rating

These brokers are usually trustworthy, and we can recommend almost all of them. The deals are quite preferable along with cashouts. Rebates are real, meaning that you’re going to get the numbers you see on their website. You can trust them, but you can find better brokers nonetheless. Although some smaller issues can happen sometimes like their support is not responsive enough.

4 star broker rating

These brokers are pretty popular ones with favorable deals and daily rebate updates. Their payments can be 100% trusted, and almost never late. The support is reliable and caring.

5 star broker rating

They are the highest rated brokers, with a trusting reputation and a history which makes you feel comfortable. They provide the best deals, without any mistake, their support is great and responds pretty much instantly. These are the brokers we’ve never had problems with their payments as well. They’re the best.


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