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How does referral work?

Start inviting people

Tell your friends to register at CashbackCloud, here are a few ways how you can do that:

Use your referral link!

Your friends can just use your referral link or just simply type your name at the ’referral’ field when they registration. If you have a website you can use the referral links on your site too.

Invite via email!

Send an email with your referral link to your friends and get rebate on every trade they make. We even made a short invite message and a web-surface where you can send out mails in just a few second. Check it out!

Invite your Google contacts!

Invite your Google contacts with 1-click only. Just go to this page and you can find it as the third option, which may be the fastest and easiest of them all.


You can also use the banners on your profile which you can find on your profile page at referral banners tab.

Still not clear what to do? Just go to this page and you will have every link and information by one click.

Check their progress

You can track how every of your referred active user far on our site, and how much they have earned for you separately. Just got to your account page!

An example for your earnings

To encourage you to build a referral system, here is an example how much it can benefit you! All characters in the story are fictional, though the money is real!

Jason refers 10 active clients to CBC and these 10 clients also refers 20 clients, so basically each just refers two more. Let’s assume that all the invited users will receive $200 cashback each. In this case John will earn 10% of the cashback generated by them and he will earn 2% of the cashback generated by the 20 second tier referrals.

To sum it up it is 10 * 10% * $200 + 20 * 2% * $200 = $200 + $80  = $280

And Jason basically did nothing extraordinary. He just sent out a few invite e-mails, or posted his link at his blog. Be like Jason!

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