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How to start earning cashback?

Register in less than a minute

No kidding here! Just click on Sign-up and either fill in the sign up form with an e-mail address and password, or use sign up via Facebook or Google, really choose which suits you the best.

Next step is to give a few data, like your name, a username and a password, and you are almost done, plus accept the Terms and Conditions. Then, we will send you an e-mail in which you have to validate your e-mail address to be a member of a great community.

Your profile page

After successful registration you will start out at your profile page with a short tutorial, where each part of your account page is highlighted and described. We would highly suggest to not skip this, as reading through this would only take 2-3 minutes but skipping this may cause more time loss in the long run.

Validate your e-mail address

The verification letter should arrive in less than 5 minutes. If you don’t get this e-mail, check your spam folder, it may be there. In that e-mail, you just need to click on the verification button and now your account is active. You can start receiving cashback.

No e-mail received?

Didn’t receive a validation e-mail? Please contact our support at [email protected].

Choose the best broker for your preferences

To finish the process and start earning cashback the one last thing that remains is to choose the most suitable broker for you.

It is the only thing which we can not give direct advice, as we described it before, and we highlight it now, we want to be impartial in this field so that we can equally represent both our clients and our partners.

But fear not, just go to our forex broker list page or to our binary broker list page, and you can find every information you would need to find the best broker for you. What is more on the forex broker list we placed a cashback calculator, which can give you a quiet good estimate on your possible earnings, we write about the use of calculator in this article.


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