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Crypto pump group details

pump groupPump Group Types

Basically, there is two kind of pump group available a free for all, invite based and there is some premium (paid) group
In the free for all you can join for free and you get the coin name at the same time as everyone else. At invite based the members who’s invited users are get the coin name earlier than the normal members. The main advantage of these groups is if you can invite users you can buy the coin a little bit earlier then it goes out to the members. The disadvantage is if you can’t invite users you get the coin name as everyone else and the coin will rise before you can buy it, therefore your profit will be smaller.
The premium group is usually not worth it because there is not as much member as in the free for all the price increase will be smaller and also, you need to pay to get there.

Signal types

Most of the pump groups are use only Telegram to share their signals, but there is some big channels who use Telegram and Discord too. Also, sometimes there’s can be difference in the signal type. Some group share the coin name in a picture and some share as a text.


Success ratio and other important informations

To make sure that the pump group is reliable you can check their historical success ratio, group size and other important informations at our pump group reviews. Also, make sure to read their faq and other descriptions to be ready for the pump.


To sum up, you should use as much pump group as much you can, but keep in mind that, not all of them are worth it and the profit is never guaranteed. Before your first pump add your crypto broker account to earn cashback after each pump, trade.

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