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Should I refer a friend to the site?

Yes, you should!

Actually it benefits you in multiple ways. Check them out:

10% after your referrals
The first and most obvious plus you receive will be the money after the activities of your referred user. As your referred client starts trading you will earn 10% of the amount of cashback he or she receives. It is not bad for a starter, but we wanted add more so we decided to add more...
Further 2% after their referrals
If your referred user also refers someone, you will earn an additional 2% of that user’s cashback amount. So that in case you are able to find some friends who are actively interested in building a larger referral network, you will also profit from it!

Your clients can benefit as well!

Why wouldn’t they? They have possibly never heard of cashback, so discovering the services of our site and enjoying the extra profit after their hard work would hopefully make them happy!

Even if they are already familiar with affiliate sites, they possibly never have met one, where they can earn even more than 80% of the possible commission, not to mention one where they can apply for this many types of cashback service on one page with one registration

Naturally, it is good for us too!

No need to hide the fact that our site operates on the sole basis that more and more clients vote in confidence for our services. But take it this way, it also means that we can be on the market forever, we can expand our services with anything that is possible, and give even more promotions to our clients.

I hope you can see that indirectly our gain is a gain for our beloved clients too.

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