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The CBC cashback system

About the system

It’s great to see you here. We know that our cashback system is a bit tricky, that’s why we’re happy you’re reading this. Most other affiliate sites use fix cashback rates, which results in cloudy communication. Users don’t know exactly what their rate is, so they can’t decide how much they’d earn.

Cashbackcloud, however, has an incredibly precise database where we can tell you exactly how much cashback you’d make with your activity. Just simply choose your preferred broker and use our new “Get a Deal / Get a quote” feature. You would never know exactly how much money you take from the commission other affiliates receive after you. We prefer everything shared with you.

Let’s see below how you can reach the maximum 85% cashback rate (without the temporary boosts).

Earning Cashbackcloud points and reaching higher VIP levels

A huge part of your cashback rate is based on your VIP level. You can reach higher VIP levels by earning Cashbackcloud Points (CBC points).

How CBC points are calculated?

Every 1$ of commission we receive after your online activities worth 50 CBC points.

Cashbackcloud VIP levels

VIP StatusCashback rateHow many points you need?
  Bronze50%0 CBC Points
  Silver59%500 CBC Points
  Gold67%2,500 CBC Points
  Platinum74% 7,500 CBC Points
  Diamond80%25,000 CBC Points
  Master85%100,000 CBC Points

As you can see the more you trade in a month, the more you will receive in that month and in the following month (with a highest cashback rate of 85%) from the commission overall.

For example, if you reach Platinum level in February, your cashback will be automatically calculated with your new VIP level after reaching it, and the system will keep your Platinum level cashback rate for the next month (March) too. To remain with this example, you need to be careful that if you reach only Silver level in March than your VIP level will be set to Silver in May.

The highest cashback level is the “Master”. Reaching Master level in our cashback system would reward with a maximum cashback rate of 85%.

What about the remaining 15% cashback rate?

Unfortunately, you can’t increase your cashback rate above 85% permanently. Although the good news is we’re always trying to add extra opportunities for you to get as much cashback as you can. That is why we will be promoting seasonal boosts along with our basic refer a friend boosts, Facebook likes, etc. To check out our actual cashback boost promotions, click here.

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