Who are we?

Short answer

We are the “middleman” between forex brokers and traders. Or between binary brokers and traders. Or between e-wallet providers and their users.

Coming soon...

Or between poker rooms and poker players. Or between sports-betting sites and sport-bettors.

Long answer…

We are a so called affiliate site, and as one, we are constantly negotiating with brokers (later on with poker sites, and other providers) to get cashback deals for users who choose to register through our links to the brokers we made a deal with.

As a middleman our interest is to provide for both parties. We bring users to the brokers, in return we can provide money, in the form of cashback to our users.

Being unbiased

It is important to highlight this to further understand that we are not biased toward any broker or provider in specific, and that throughout our work we try to represent both the interests of our traders and our brokers in equal.

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