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Withdraw your money – all you need to know

Withdraw money from Cashbackcloud

Right now, Cashbackcloud is the only provider where you can withdraw your money anytime you’d like to. We did not set up monthly barriers like other companies on the market. So, if you want to start your withdrawal, you can do it any time you want, after reaching $20 cashback, our minimum withdrawal threshold.

Withdraw your money from Cashbackcloud

Usually your withdrawal takes 1-3 business days to be processed, and sent to your account.

Payment providerFeePayment timeMin. / Max. amount
Paypal3,5%1-3 business days (usually 1 day)$20 / $10,000
Skrill3,5%1-3 business days (usually 1 day)$20 / $10,000
Neteller3,5%1-3 business days (usually 1 day)$20 / $5,000
FasaPay2%1-3 business days$20 / $2,000
EcoPayz2%1-3 business days$20 / $1,000
Bank wire0.5% (min: USD 38.50)5-7 business days$250 / $10,000

Please, be patient if the process still hasn’t taken more than 3 business days. The money you’ve withdrawn will arrive at your account no matter what.

If your requested money hasn’t arrived at your account in time, there might be 3 different reasons for that.


Delayed withdrawals

Sometimes it takes more time to withdraw your money. Although we try to be as fast as possible with your withdrawals, occasionally we might run into some problems which could delay your withdrawals. Here are the most common reasons for delayed withdrawals.

1) False Information

There is a possibility that while you were setting up the withdrawal information accidentally you gave us false information (typo or misunderstanding). For example, you gave us a wrong Skrill email or bank account. To avoid these problems you should always fill in your login email when you request a withdrawal for an ewallet. 

2) Too many requests at once

Sometimes the increased number of requested withdrawals at the same payment providers might slow down the process. In this case, we always contact you via email to inform you about the delays we try to transfer the money as fast as we can. The delay usually doesn’t take more than plus 2-3 business days.

3) The amount requested is above $300

When you request more than $300, at first, we’ll need to wait until the cashback from your broker / poker room gets credited to our account. If you’re a respected user and you’ve been trading / playing for a while, we’ll send you the money immediately, but for the first time, we need to wait for the money to arrive. Unfortunately, most of our contracted partners pay as often as every month (or more), therefore in this case you might have to wait several weeks until we received money after your activity.

Why do we have to hold your money this long? Due to a lot of frauds (Arbitrage is a great example for this), scams, false bonuses, and technical issues sometimes we do not receive the money which appears on our reports and therefore appears on your Cashbackcloud profile. And of course, we cannot pay you what we don’t receive.

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