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How does the cashback system work?

If you trade more, you get more points and can move to the highest cashback level. For every 1$ referral commission we receive after your accounts, you get 50 Cashbackcloud Points.  If you reach 5,000,000 Points you will join the exclusive Cloud Club which means awesome rewards for you.

VIP StatusCashback rateHow many points you need?
  Entry60%0 CBC Points
  Expert80%80,000 CBC Points

If you reach the Expert level, you cannot lose it ever, we count the points at all times and never reset them.

Earn more Points!

As we mentioned we adjust your VIP status every month, but you only drop your status if you don’t earn enough Cashbackcloud Points. If you earn enough CBC points to keep the same level nothing will change. But it’s always a good idea to earn more points. There’s two way you can increase your your cashback rate and your Points.

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