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Failed registration of cashback accounts

In this article we will tell you exactly what are the reasons behind the failed account registrations. A failed registration means that you add an account to your profile, but we cannot verify it. He are the reasons why.

When an account registration is failed, it means that we cannot see your account in our referral system. If we can’t see your account, we aren’t getting any commission after your online actions, therefore we can’t give you cashback either, so it won’t get verified immediately. If this happens there’s two different scenarios after that.

The 2 scenarios when a failed registration happens

Your account can be retagged

If you already have an account at the provider (you added an existing account), or you didn’t register via our referral link this scenario plays. If it is possible to put existing accounts to our referral network at your provider (broker or poker room), you only need to directly ask your provider to put your account under us. For more information about this process, please check out this article.

Your account cannot be retagged

This is the situation when, you have an account at the provider, but your account cannot be put under our referral network. Here are the different reasons for this.

  1. You may have been already associated with another introducing broker (IB). In that case, please contact your broker how is it possible to set up an account under Cashbackcloud.
  2. Your broker doesn’t let users to change their referrals after registration. In this case, you need to open a new account to receive cashback.
  3. Your broker doesn’t let users with open trades to change referrals, so you have to close all your positions before moving to another referral.
  4. Although these are the main reasons, there could be a lot of different policies that doesn’t let your account to be retagged under our referral.

All in all

If your account is missing, meaning that we cannot see it, we usually keep the account in pending status for a while. But we always end you an email about which action we require from you to do. If we don’t get answer and there is no improvement in the process, we will have to decline the account registration after two weeks.


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