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How can i choose CPA and Trading volume deals?

CPA trading volume

At the moment we offer 3 types of cashback deals: CPA, trading volume based and loss protection. CPA and trading volume is more common at forex brokers, loss protection is more popular on binary sites. There are several brokers where both CPA and trading volume based cashback is available. Now let’s see how you should choose between these two.

Difference between CPA and Trading volume deals

Cost per acquisition (CPA) means that you will receive a one time cashback for registering under our affiliate link. Furthermore, in some cases you need to do several requirements like deposit, trade, etc. to receive the cashback.

Trading volume based cashback means that you will receive cashback after every trade, no matter you win or lose. It’s based on how much commission (fee, spread, commissions, etc.) you generate to your provider.

The big thing is, that if you register under CPA deal, you are not able to receive cashback after each trade.

Which one is better for you?

It depends on a lot of conditions, like how much would you earn if you use CPA (usually from $100 to $400) or how often and how high volumes you trade with.

You should choose trading volume if one of the followings are true:

  • You plan to trade for a long time on the same broker platform
  • You trade in higher volumes. Preferably more than 10 lots per month.
  • Your broker’s trading volume deal is good enough to earn more than the CPA deal with your average trading activity in a year.
  • You trade very frequently or you have a specific trading strategy (scalping, hedging, etc.) that will generate lots of cashback

However, if you don’t trade in high volumes and you don’t think you can earn the value of your CPA deal in a year, you should always go for the CPA deal. It is money in your pocket right away.

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