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IQ Option Cashback – All you need to know

IQ Option cashback

IQ Option is one of the biggest and most trustworthy binary option provider on the market. That’s why IQ Option cashback is one of the most popular among Cashbackcloud users too. Of course, as every broker, IQ Option also has its own rules and boundaries about cashback. This article tries to collect all you need to know to maximise your cashback at IQ Option.

IQ Option cashback in details

You can receive cashback as loss protection at IQ Option. You can learn about this deal type from this article.

Loss protection at IQ Option

Basically, with this option, you make cashback when you lose money. For example you lose $100 on a binary option trade at IQ Option. Based on your level you’ll receive $22.5 (bronze level) – $38.25 (master level with no boosts) of this money.

Cashback cap

At IQ Option, every client has a cashback cap, which is 45% of your net deposits. Net deposit is calculated the following way:

Net deposit = All deposits – All withdrawals

For example, if you deposited $100 and you won an additional $200 through several trades (losing and winning trades also). You have $300. While trading you received $30 cashback from Cashbackcloud. Your cashback cap is 45% of your net deposit, so $45. If you decide to withdraw this $300 from IQ Option, your cashback cap will drop to -$200, meaning that you cannot receive cashback until you deposit enough money again.

In order to maximise your cashback you should deposit as much as it suits you, but if it is possible, withdraw only if you have reached your cashback cap and no further cashback can be paid. Then, it would not matter if you decrease the limit by withdrawing.

One more important thing to note. Net deposit values cannot be reset and a client will always have their cashback cap calculated based on this number.

45% cashback cap is the value for master level users. This could be lower if you have lower VIP level on Cashbackcloud, because you don’t have high enough cashback rate.

What if I exceeded my cashback cap?

If you have exceeded your cashback limit then you won’t be able to receive cashback until you deposit money again. There’re several ways to obtain a new account at IQ Option which will reset your cashback limit.  First of all, you can close your account, and open a new one anytime. Do not open a new account until you have closed your previous one, it is strictly prohibited by IQ Option. Then, you can open a new account and add it on Cashbackcloud to receive more cashback.

What if I already have an account at IQ Option?

If you have an existing account you’re not able to receive cashback on that account. IQ Option only give affiliate commissions to us for new accounts, so we can only give cashback for new accounts. However, as we mentioned earlier, you can close your account anytime and open a new one under our affiliate network. After closing your old account, follow the instructions here to open a new IQ option account with cashback.


Why is my IQ Option account or rebate pending?

IQ Option send us weekly statistics about our traders activities. These statistics are usually sent to us on Mondays or Tuesdays. That’s why we can only update the IQ Option cashback and the IQ Option account’s statuses once every week.

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