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Why did I receive less money than I withdrew?

Less money than expected

There are several cases when you can receive less money than you asked for withdrawal from Cashbackcloud. For example, you have $50 in your balance and you withdrew all of it to PayPal or Skrill. And you only receive $48 on your end. Why could it be? Here are the possible reasons.

1. Withdrawal fees

First of all, we do have withdrawal fees on several withdrawal methods. During the withdrawal process you can see the fee next to each withdrawal method. Plus, we even show you how much you should receive on your end.

2. Receiving fees

At several cases you may have to pay receiving fees on your end of the transaction. We, as Cashbackcloud do not apply any more fees than it’s indicated during the withdrawal process. However, your payment provider may apply fees on your end, when you receive the money.

Banks also can apply fees when you receive your international wire transfer.

To overcome this issue, you can always ask your payment provider, or try another withdrawal method.

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