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Roll-out bonus – Get the most of it

A roll-out bonus is a special type of bonus where you get the bonus amount in certain equal parts with collecting Cashbackcloud points. This bonus is in addition to your regular cashback. Please note, that the roll-out bonus is NOT a no deposit bonus, and you won’t get any money until you collect enough Cashbackcloud points.

About the roll-out bonus

As we mentioned above, you can “roll out” this bonus with trading, receing your regular cashback and getting Cashbackcloud points. For $1 commission we receive after you, you’ll receive 50 Cashbackcloud points.

You receive this bonus in equal parts. For example, you’ll get $100 bonus in ten $10 parts. A bonus might have an expiration date, which can be seen on your profile. This show you how much time you have to roll out as many parts as you can and gain the maximum bonus amount.

Also, bonuses can be restricted to several providers. For example there are bonuses for only one forex broker or poker room. In these cases only your points at the selected brokers will count in to the bonus.

Example for a roll-out bonus

Roll-out bonus on your Cashbackcloud profile
A 20$ roll-out bonus. As you see it at your dashboard


In this example, you have a $20 roll-out bonus for 33 days, devided into 10 equal $2 parts. To get the most out of it, you need to earn earn 2,000 Cashbackcloud points. However, after every 200 points you’ll earn $2, immediately credited to your account.

Let’s say you trade at a forex broker with a $8 / Lot cashback on EUR/USD and you’re on Diamond (80%) VIP level. As you know, $1 commission what we receive after you is 50 points. So if you trade 1 lot we’ll receive $10, you’ll get 500 points and $8 on Diamond (80%) level. Plus, you’ll receive 2 parts of your roll-out bonus for 400 points which is an additional $4.

How to get a roll-out bonus?

You can receive a roll-out bonus several ways. Usually we have promotions with promotion codes and if you register with a code you can get the bonus. Also, if you receive an invitation from your friend with a bonus code you’ll receive it also.

Basically, this bonus is very good to you because you apart from regular cashback and gaining VIP leveles, you’ll receive additonal profit and earn more in the end. To make the most out of this, you should also consider checking out the Cloud Club membership and our cashback boosts too.

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