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E-wallet cashback – Skrill cashback and Neteller cashback

About e-wallet cashback

Nowadays, almost every trader, poker player use some kind of e-wallets to send and receive money online. However, not too many of them are aware that you can earn cashback after each transaction. For e-wallets, we offer Skrill cashback and Neteller cashback. Basically, when you make a transaction to merchants or use your prepaid card you’ll receive a small amount back of your commissions. You don’t receive cashback when you receive a payment or you withdraw money from your e-wallets.

How to earn cashback on e-wallet?

First of all, you need to add your Skrill or Neteller account to your Cashbackcloud profile. A good benefit of our Skrill e-wallet cashback is you can add your existing account too if you are not under another affiliate network. If you don’t have an account yet you must register under our refferal link which can be found on this page.

Both for Neteller and Skrill, you’ll need to add your Skrill or Neteller login email address when adding a cashback account. This let’s us verify your account on our side. As this is what you give somebody if you want to receive money, there’s no risk in providing this information.

After you add your e-wallet account it will usually take 4-5 bussiness day to verify your account. For existing accounts, it could take a bit more time.

If you fail to link your existing account, there’s always a chance to close your account and create a new one, our chose another e-wallet provider and register through our affiliate link.

Important to note, that your e-wallet fees are going to remain the same with or without cashback.

E-wallet cashback calculation

  • For an example, you made a transaction on Skrill of $500 to a merchant. Like depositing to a forex broker, or using your prepaid card somewhere in a store.
  • Skrill will charge 1,4% fee of this transaction, so you have to pay $7 to Skrill. (Please note that this fee depends on your country, currency and VIP status at your provider, so it can be slightly different.)
  • Then you’ll receive up to 20% of these fees as cashback to your Cashbackcloud account. Your account will be credited $1.4 from this transaction.(This is also based on your VIP level at Cashbackcloud.)
  • As you can see, instead of paying $7 for a transaction, you’ll pay only $5.6, because of the cashback amount you receive. This could be a serious cost reduction if you use your e-wallets regularly.

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